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Many years ago when I was going thru one of the hardest times in my life I discovered a solution that worked for nearly every problem in my life.
As you may already know if you read my Best Selling Book The Girlfriend Effect… the answer was loving myself.
Because it had such a profound effect on my life I just knew I had to share it with other women knowing that it had the power to change their life too.

You may be asking how does this work when I have these feelings…
              I do not have the perfect life, nothing seems to go right in my life. How can I love me?
              I am constantly disappointed in myself and others and my heart hurts. How can I love me?
              When I look in the mirror I am not happy with my body, hair…. How can I love me?
              I don't feel like I'm successful and just living day to day with no real joy. How can I love me?
Well if you're like me then want and need to LOVE YOURSELF NOW! And you need it to be fun, uplifting, and easy… heaven knows you don’t need one more thing on your plate.
Women from all over the world wanted and needed more than the book… so I created this with you in mind.  
When my husband Mark & I launched the Marriage Makeover programs we wanted to make marriage help more widely available to couples and families.
But what I didn’t expect was the constant messages, emails and comments I received from women everywhere asking for more help… that's when I knew that it wasn't just me!

I read through every message I received and in my heart, I knew the answer was to share more advice and direction in the practice of LOVING YOURSELF.

I have developed daily feminine rituals and principles that guide me to easily and lovingly have transform my life and lives of other women around the world whom I have helped.
Daily inspiration and lessons that improve your self-worth, self- love and self -esteem

I've identified three of the more common areas that seem to stand in the way of joy, success and peace and have developed specific steps to overcome them.
        1. Getting over the past by letting go of shame and blame and having compassion for yourself and others
        2. Embracing your femininity and body while still being a powerful woman- No more stress, anxiety, DIETS! Experience more love, acceptance, and sexiness.
        3. Thinking I had to settle for not having my dreams to truly believing I can HAVE. IT. ALL.

PS- Some thoughts that might be running thru your mind right now… It might be hard to think about yourself when you’re working 24/7 just to keep your head above water. Time for yourself? Ha! Not happening. So, you keep pushing and pushing and pushing. Trust me I've been there, you can only do that for so long…. It's time for you to give yourself some love!
These principles took me from stressed out, snippy and wanting to quit EVERYTHING to way happier, way more successful (7 figure biz!!!), way more intimacy with my partner and way more love for myself.

When I found out I wasn't the only woman running on empty with my "Barbie Smile Painted On" I knew that you needed it too. I also knew that I needed to make it doable, fast, easy to implement and it had to work for even if you can't do it every day. Because let's face it life happens.

The GET BACK YOUR SEXY is perfect for beginners, the busy woman, single or in a relationship and more advanced learners
Get Back Your Sexy
 Self Love Inspiring modules 
Awesome Members Only Site
10 Complete video modules and instruction will be available in your members only site where I talk you through each of the Steps to Increase Confidence complete with activities and fun challenges designed to hold you accountable and actually reach your goals.

You'll get in each module:
  • Create lasting change with simple daily habits
  • Learn how to stop the negative self-talk
  • Erase years of pain and suffering to allow love to blossom
  • Regain self acceptance and caring
  • Invite fun and happiness back into your life
  • Identify what you need to feel loved and cared for
  • Understand what your body craves emotionally and sexually
  • How to be happy and keep the love alive while juggling a busy family
  • Easy to navigate and smart phone friendly. You can even listen to lessons while on the go.
  • and much more.....
What Else...
How Do I Know This Program Is For Me?
Whether you are pro at self-development and work on yourself all the time OR are new to self-discovery and just know that something has to change… you are in the right place.

Whether you are a busy momma with kids, a working momma with busy family, Mom-preneur, newlywed, empty nester, or anything in between… we all need this!

          1. In-depth Content: I've been teaching and implementing this process for over 20 years. This is the most robust                           program for femininity, sexiness, and self-love all rolled into one.
          2. Experiential learning: I will be right there with you thru the whole process, with live videos, live Q&A, and a step-                     by-step process to help you finally achieve the life you deserve. I will be there sheering you on!
           3. Real life How-To's: Step-by- step process to make daily living more joyous with live examples and demonstrations.
           4. Applying to YOUR LIFE: Targeted action steps and techniques that will allow you to overcome your past, move                        forward with less anxiety and a newfound hope for yourself, your relationships, and your life.

Registering for this eCourse will not only give you access to ALL modules, video tutorials and written PDFs and handouts, but you'll also get these bonuses, for free.
1.   40 Minute One- to- One Personal Mentoring Session 
with Jodi Harman   Value= $500

2. Bonus - Embrace Your Sexiness
With Expert Patty Alfonso
Patty explains how our bodies feel love and sex and how to tune into what you are feeling. Her simple yet profound ideas will have you loving your body more than ever. You will be able to lower your barriers or walls that have been built with years of neglect to allow love to blossom with yourself and with your partner.
When We Don’t Love Ourselves, 
We Can’t Be Loved By Someone Else
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