5 Step 
5 Steps to increase intimacy passion and love is a fast track to ignite passion into your marriage.

Jodi Harman shares how you can be happily married too. 

You'll learn strategies how to overcome any relationship challenge:
  • Develop communication that fills your emotional needs- How to get your spouse to listen to you. 
  • Create more intimacy, passion and love in your relationship
  • Build a renewed foundation of trust and love 
  • The absolute fastest way to see change in your relationship- no more fighting
  • This will work even if only one person in the relationship is in the course- One person has the power to change the relationship
  • And Seriously so Much More...
5 Step
Instant Access Today:
You'll learn strategies how to overcome any relationship challenge
.... + more Love Inspiring modules 
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But we do want to warn you. This eCourse  is for couples who are ready to repair their marriage and save their family but don't know where to start. 
5 Complete video modules and instruction will be available in your members only site where I talk you through each of the Marriage Makeover Modules complete with activities and fun challenges designed to hold you accountable and actually reach your goals.

You'll get in each module:
  • Create lasting change even if you are the only one working on your relationship
  • Learn how to talk so your spouse will listen 
  • Erase years of pain and suffering to allow love to blossom
  • Regain trust and caring
  • Invite fun and friendship back into your marriage 
  • Identify what you need to feel loved and cared for
  • Understand what your body craves emotionally and sexually
  • How to keep the love alive while juggling a busy family
  • Become aware of new simple daily habits to increase intimacy passion and love
  • Easy to navigate and smart phone friendly. You can even listen to lessons while on the go.
  • and much more.....
What People Are Saying
It's time to save your marriage and family!
Jodi has an incredible approach to relationships and she give you her "all" in everything she teaches. 
~Bonnie Bruderer, BonBon Network


One night with Jodi has literally saved my relationship. Me and my college sweetheart are finally
 able to enjoy each other again.
We are happy, we love each other, we are supporting each other all after just one night with Jodi.
Thank you Jodi!
~ Stephanie Almeida, Actress

If you have ever been in a relationship, you know it can be tricky. That is a really nice way of saying that sometimes your partner can drive you so batty, that you want to throw in the towel- says Huffington Post.
If you have a relationship, want a relationship or know anyone in a relationship RUN don’t walk to get Jodi’s Book The Girlfriend Effect. Seriously, it gives you the tools and strategies to overcome any relationship challenges. Jodi Harman is behind saving many relationships.
We have seen firsthand the love and support she and her husband share and it is truly inspirational as she shares it with other couples.
– Huffington Post 9/22/16


Working with Jodi has made all the difference for me and I am now creating life that I want. I can really be myself with Jodi and she has a great blend of encouragement and compassion, all while giving you a push to meet your potential. She definitely will drive you out of your comfort zone, but that’s what we all need sometimes. Jodi has helped me take action in my life and action is the only way things change and become better. Jodi’s coaching will build the momentum you need to reach your goals
 Thank you Jodi!
~ Lisa Short


Jodi Harman’s work is amazing. She has some really great tools. I was really skeptical, I thought there is no way this is going to work and it is crazy. I tried it and it worked! Jodi is so blessed with the talent to help people in their marriages. My Marriage was on the rocks. My husband and I have a great relationship now. We both have a better relationship with our children. Thank you Jodi!
~Mike & Jocelyn

I recently had the opportunity to work with Jodi on a cruise. I have to tell you this woman is so inspiring after talking with her numerous times about all aspects of my life, relationship, adventures and future. Her wisdom is just incredible and I thank her so much for inspiring me to be better and go for it. 
~Kat Carollo
Bonuses? You Got Em
Registering for this eCourse will not only give you access to all 5 modules, video tutorials and written PDFs and handouts, but you'll also get these bonuses, for free.
1. The Girlfriend Effect Book
A wifes guide to giving her husband The "Girlfriend Experience" 

2. Group coaching call with Jodi Harman
The call will be on 2/22/17 with open Q & A at the end. Jodi will answer your personal questions. Details will be emailed to you.
Your Instructor
Affectionately called
The Forever Girlfriend
Jodi Harman
So many people go down the road to divorce because they can’t see past the way things feel right now, and they don’t know how to make things better. But I’m here to tell you that you CAN have a killer marriage and lifelong love affair… and I will show you how.

Co-founder and Creator of Marriage Makeover, Bestselling Author of the Girlfriend Effect, World Class Relationship Expert and now dedicating her life’s work to help couples stay happily married.

Here’s a question for you: When you see a couple that’s clearly in the early “honeymoon phase” of their relationship—constantly touching, flirting, laughing, and clearly unable to get enough of each other—Does it make you sad because you miss having that in your marriage?
Creating and sustaining the ultimate bond of marriage takes commitment. And a lot of work! Putting each other first amid all the commitments of career, family, household, friends—it can be daunting! It’s easy to lose sight of what drew you to each other in the first place.

I GET this because I’ve been there, and it’s the reason I wrote The Girlfriend Effect and created Marriage Makeover. Married to my husband Mark for 29 years, I felt like we were missing out on the fulfilling relationship we deserved. So I decided to create The Girlfriend Experience for him, giving him what every man desires but doesn’t want to ask for. And we can tell you first-hand… IT WORKS!

My psychology degree and years of experience as a mentor, coach, and trainer for individuals and couples, have helped me develop proven strategies to turn up the heat and bring the joy, friendship, and SIZZLE back to your marriage. Whether you’re a newlywed or an empty nester, whether your relationship is experiencing a minor dip or a major pitfall, The Girlfriend Effect and Marriage Makeover will give you the secrets for reigniting the spark that now seems like a distant memory.

A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other”
Mark Harman, Co-founder and Creator of Marriage Makeover. Author of the upcoming book The Boyfriend Effect.
Bringing you an alternative to divorce. Renowned relationship and communication expert with a passion to help couples enrich their life. My wife Jodi and I have had many ups and downs in our 29-year marriage. But the bad times made us devout students for over 29years of love, relationships, communication, and marriage, and as a result, we created Marriage Makeover!
We help couples wanting to increase love, passion, and intimacy in their relationship through seminars and retreats that provide the tools needed to change their lives and relationships. Our guidance and proven techniques will put you on the road to relationship success!
Marriage Makeover explores how married couples in relationship distress remember what it was like when they said “I DO!” This unique show explores relationships so couples can become best friends and ultimate lovers.
It's time to love more... 
If you're ready to increase intimacy, passion and love in your relationship and regain trust and friendship  then sign up now to get started!
Jodi Harman / Marriage Makeover -Copyright 2017. All rights reserved.

Disclosure: All sales are final.   

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