• Get the support, appreciation and respect you crave
  •  Avoid all the costly mistakes that usually cause most marriages to end. 
  •  Erase years of pain and suffering to allow love to blossom 
  • Learn how to get and give the love you need and desire
  •  Regain trust, caring and friendship
What If You Had A Solution To The Following Challenges?
  • Have you ever wondered how some couples stay happily married with what seems like effortlessly staying passionately in love resulting in a marriage that sustains all the rough and rocky times of life? 
  • ​Clearly, there is a best kept secret that these couples are using to confidently communicate and keep the passion sizzling in their marriage. 
  • ​Learn Jodi Harman’s proven system to effectively communicate with your spouse, win and keep the affections of your spouse, and create a relationship to sustain a lifetime. 
  • ​The Marriage Makeover graduates have invested thousands of dollars to learn what you may be able to receive for a fraction of the cost now. 
  • ​Jodi Harman has saved marriages all over the globe just like these couples… 
  • Get and give the love and connection you need, want and desire
  •  Feel more cared for and connected on a daily basis 
  •  What if you could avoid all the fights and rough times 
  •  Restore trust, honor and respect in your marriage
  • Do you want to feel heard and understood?
  •  Do you wish you could talk about anything like you used to? 
  •  Are you sick of feeling neglected and alone?  
  •  Wouldn’t you like to stop the criticism and blame?
Create Intimacy
  • Do you want the full marriage package of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual connection?
  •  Do you long for a comforting hug or long embrace? 
  •  Do you long to be more intimately touched? 
  •  Do you want passionate sex?
The experiences described in these testimonials are not necessarily indicative of the results others may expect to achieve. Results will vary.

You'll learn strategies how to overcome any relationship challenge
Listen to why this works...
MMO90X Relationship Coaching In The Comfort Of Your Own Home
Full Access to the Membership site
 Over 60 Complete video modules and instruction will be available in your members only site where I talk you through each of the 
Marriage Makeover Modules complete with activities and fun challenges designed to hold you accountable and actually reach your goals.
You'll get in each module:

  •  Create lasting change even if you are the only one working on your relationship 
  •  Get the Respect, Support and Appreciation you crave
  •  Learn how to talk so your spouse will listen  
  •  Erase years of pain and suffering to allow love to blossom 
  •  Regain trust and caring
  •  Invite fun and friendship back into your marriage
  •  Identify what you need to feel loved and cared for
  •  Understand what your body craves emotionally and sexually
  •  How to keep the love alive while juggling a busy family
  •  Become aware of new simple daily habits to increase intimacy passion and love
  •  Easy to navigate and smart phone friendly. You can even listen to lessons while on the go.
  •  and much more.....
Jodi Harman
Co-founder and Creator of Marriage Makeover, Bestselling Author of the Girlfriend Effect, World Class Relationship Expert and now dedicating her life’s work to help couples stay happily married.

Here’s a question for you: When you see a couple that’s clearly in the early “honeymoon phase” of their relationship—constantly touching, flirting, laughing, and clearly unable to get enough of each other—Does it make you sad because you miss having that in your marriage?
Creating and sustaining the ultimate bond of marriage takes commitment. And a lot of work! Putting each other first amid all the commitments of career, family, household, friends—it can be daunting! It’s easy to lose sight of what drew you to each other in the first place.
I GET this because I’ve been there, and it’s the reason I wrote The Girlfriend Effect and created Marriage Makeover. Married to my husband Mark for 30 years, I felt like we were missing out on the fulfilling relationship we deserved. So I decided to create The Girlfriend Experience for him, giving him what every man desires but doesn’t want to ask for. And we can tell you first-hand… IT WORKS!

My psychology degree and years of experience as a mentor, coach, and trainer for individuals and couples, have helped me develop proven strategies to turn up the heat and bring the joy, friendship, and SIZZLE back to your marriage. Whether you’re a newlywed or an empty nester, whether your relationship is experiencing a minor dip or a major pitfall, The Girlfriend Effect and Marriage Makeover will give you the secrets for reigniting the spark that now seems like a distant memory.
So many people go down the road to divorce because they can’t see past the way things feel right now, and they don’t know how to make things better. But I’m here to tell you that you CAN have a killer marriage and lifelong love affair in your marriage… and I will show you how.
Marriage Makeover Connection
What's included: 
​~You will be given full access to LIFE CHANGING videos, written instruction and simple activites that will make all the difference in your relationship.

​~Once week we will have a live group Q & A to talk with Jodi Harman for extra support and  personally to ask any question you have so you can quickly implement what you are learning to transform your relationship quickly, easily and effortlessly.

​~Every day you'll have the opportunity to ask your questions and interact with the community and Jodi in our private Facebook group which is a game changer for almost all members. Just one tiny little interaction can lead to something big in your relationship.
MM90X  Online Connection
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