Date: 5/1/18  at 7:00m Pacific Time
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Jodi Harman presents 
Ladies Night In
Women often feel they are the only ones working on their relationship. Well, I believe that one person has the power to change the relationship.
Guess what... it's YOU!
Even if your relationships is strong and going smoothly, there may still be room for growth. Ladies Night In will help you get and give the love you need. To connect on a deeper level if you are the only one working on your relationship. 
Why you need to join Marriage Makeover
What People Are Saying
Jodi Explains The Girlfriend Effect
Why Marriage Makeover
Creating harmony in marriage at every moment. Jodi believes every marriage can be saved as she help couples recommit and rekindle their love to become best friends and ultimate lovers.
  •  Communicate to see hear and feel your spouse like never before
  • Connect on an ultimate level of acceptance, trust and respect. 
  •  Create an exciting intimate and romantic relationship that will sustain a lifetime. 
Don't you think your family is worth it?
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