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Working with Jodi has made all the difference for me and I am now creating the career, relationship and life that I want. Sometimes I feel I cannot uncover my struggles toward my personal goals and my insecurities and questioning of who I think I should be or what I should be accomplishing. But, I can really be myself with Jodi and she has a great blend of encouragement, strategic vision and compassion, all while giving you a push to meet your potential. She definitely will drive you out of your comfort zone, but that’s what we all need sometimes. Jodi has helped me take action in my life and action is the only way things change and become better. Jodi’s coaching will build the momentum you need to create the life you want.
Thank you Jodi! -  Lisa & Phil Short

Jodi Harman has helped me so much in our short time of working together. It has been amazing to learn how to have control over my emotions, thoughts, and actions so I can create the life I want versus life taking me for a ride. Jodi has helped me to recognize what my strengths are and to implement changes to balance life. 
Jodi also facilitated a fun family activity together with my husband and children to help us harmonize our home and work on goals together. I cannot wait to advance further in balancing life.  ~ Gina Marie Nixon
Coaching with Jodi Harman has made such a huge impact in my personal life and business. Her knowledge and insights helped guide me through growth in my business and enhanced my family relationships. Jodi was able to guide me through the emotion and plow into the real issues not only in business but life in general. I have upgraded everything in my life from business to family relationships.   ~Ashley Peterson 

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